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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

Type : HP-325 M / L / VL / DL


Aluminum Alloy Housing Wrapped With Plastic Durable Sander

Super Fine Sanding 2.5mm


A. Perfect motor function enable the user to work smoothly even under low pressure condition.

B. Special double ball bearing increases stability while operating and prolong the life of tool.

C. Rotor shaft and dangle object forged into one unit with strong steel character and low down the model height.

D. Special anti-dust system prolongs ball bearing life.

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HP-325 Series


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■ HP-325L-3

Dual Action Sander

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■ HP-325M/L

Dual Action Sander


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■ HP-325VL

Central Vacuum D/a Sander


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■ HP-325DL

Dust Free Dual Action Sander



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