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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

Type : HWA-110 / HWA-210




E2P High Pressure Cap



G2P High Pressure Cap


Fixed Hole8.5 mm  U.S. Size

13 mm  Asia Size

(W/8.5 mm  Socket)


LVLP suggest using (CAP 1.4kg/cm2 , FAN 1.6kg/cm2 ). High coherence, and save paint.

LVLP NozzleHWA-101 Ø0.5mmHWA-200 Ø 0.8mm

Spread well mixed.

Special design for machine arm, easy to operate.

Special design for paint outlet and paint backflow, it is easy to clean.

Nozzle and needle are made of SUS303, suitable for water paint.

Needle packing is made of Teflon, acid-proof and alkali-proof.


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image description

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